News: Nominated for EUROPEAN FILM ACADEMY AWARD! (read more)

La Fuga — Girl in Flight is one of three films in Europe to be nominated the European Film Academy Youth Audience Award.The winner will be announced on Sunday May 6th.

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WORLD CINEMA AWARD for BEST FOREIGN FEATURE FILM at the Woodstock Film Festival in New York

We are very happy and proud to announce that La Fuga — Girl in Flight won the WORLD CINEMA AWARD for BEST FOREIGN FEATURE FILM at the Woodstock Film Festival in Woodstock, New York!

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“A tender, captivating emotional indie gem!”  — B. Pokras

Inspired by real events, Girl in Flight - La Fuga, the directorial debut of Sandra Vannucchi starring Donatella Finocchiaro, Filippo Nigro and Lisa Ruth Andreozzi, is a drama about the tender, frightening and emotional journey of a determined 11 year old runaway who meets a smart, defiant roma girl on a train going to Rome.


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Basmati Blues

Release in February 2018

News: Basmati Blues, featuring Brie Larson & Donald Sutherland, starts in the US Theatres February 9th, 2018 (read more)

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Basmati Blues is an independent musical romantic film and directorial debut by Dan Baron about a scientist (Brie Larson) who creates genetically modified rice with her father (Scott Bakula).  Their boss (Donald Sutherland) sends her to India to persuade rural farmers to buy their seeds.

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News: Screening „Journey in Sensuality – Anna Halprin & Rodin“ on Freitag, 27. Oktober 2017, 20:15 Uhr, Cinema Sil Plaz in Ilanz GR (read more)

Screening „Journey in Sensuality – Anna Halprin & Rodin“ on Friday, 27. Oktober 2017, 20:15 Uhr, at the Cinema Sil Plaz, Ilanz, curated by Corin Curschellas

Q & A with Ruedi Gerber at the Plenum after the film / Reservations: /

'Voyage vers la sensualité (Journey in Sensuality – Anna Halprin & Rodin)' wil be screened on June 2, 2017, at Grand Palais in Paris within the framework of 'Rodin: the centennial exhibition'. Click here for more information


JOURNEY IN SENSUALITY - ANNA HALPRIN & RODIN: Screening in Montreal at the Cinéma du Parc on March 15 at 7pm in coordination with UQAM (Université de Québec a Montréal). More info



French cinema release - great press reviews:
"Un message d’espoir et d’humanité" (Les Affiches de Grenoble)

"Sur la musique de Fred Frith, ce portrait émouvant capture l’essence de la démarché artistique d’Anna Halprin, son sens extraordinaire de mouvement… un aperçu du travail créatif"(Le Parisien)

After the international success of Breath Made Visible, Journey in Sensuality brings new insight into Anna Halprin’s influential artistic work. Auguste Rodin's sculptures and Anna Halprin's creative process come together with a brilliant score by composer Fred Frith, in this poetic film of dances in nature. (62 minutes)

Successful cinema release in France starting September 27, 2016, in Valence, Montpellier, Paris, Grenoble...

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Breath Made Visible, the first feature length film about the life and career of Anna Halprin, the American dance pioneer, weaves a stunning, inspiring account of one of the most important cultural icons in modern dance. (80 minutes)

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Shaped by Anna Halprin’s conviction that dance and movement generate the courage to express oneself, the film illustrates how a group of senior citizens in Marin County express a personal message to future generations in a dance performance. (28 minutes)

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Heartbreak Hospital is a comedy starring Patricia Clarkson and John Shea and the feature debut of director Rudolph Gerber. Based on the novel Murder at Heartbreak Hospital by Lottie Ohrwasher. (91 minutes)

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The magic eye of “Meta-Mecano” reveals matter and motion, machines made of mechanical gears and hammers, in their pure state; with Niki de Saint Phalle Jean Tinguely, and Seppi Imhof. (64 minutes)

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Chosen by Channel 4 in London to be screened on the influential TV series, Fragile Earth, Living with the Spill is an intimate look at the devastating effects of the Exxon Valdez oil spill on the community and people of Valdez. (52 minutes)

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Midnight Barbecue, a short film, received the Best Director Award (for Ruedi Gerber and Christian Hoagland) at NYU Tisch School of Arts in 1991. (18 minutes)

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Café Mecanique is a dream-like short film of seduction and the fleeting quality of love - to the score - Musique Mécanique – by Carla Bley.

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Songs of Seeds

in production

Songs of Seeds is a lyrical and intimate portrait of the rice farmers and seeds of the globally important agricultural heritage system of Kuttanad, Kerala; a culture and community at a crossroads. 

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